Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Engineers vs DIYers.

Here is the one that started it all. Sorta. My take on audio forums, and some of the morons that frequent them.

Ok, mind you, this does not apply to all of you. Obviously. Actually, it only applies to a rather small minority of schmucks on these forums. Most of you guys are decent chaps, trying to learn stuff, expand your understanding of stuff, and make some decent sounding gear in the process.

All it takes is for a few pinheads to get me wound up. And, they ever do it.

So, for all of you DIY pinheads out there, and you know precisely who you are, so don't feign ignorance, this one is for you.

Engineers vs. "DIYers"

Some......not all.....but some of you guys seem to have a grudge against engineers.

What's your problem? One would think that it would be helpful to have people who do this audio stuff for a living, but no............

The was no place like this when we started out; 25, 30, 40 years ago. I know that I wish that there was. Most of the people here that I have met are grateful, but there is an annoying core of people who seem that their day isn't made unless they find a way to put us down. For some of the most idiotic reasons.

Here's a synopsis of some of the crap that I have gleaned here in recent times.

(Don't ask me to dredge up the threads where this gibberish came from. It is there......look for it yourself.)

You guys never build anything.

You never build anything unless a buck is attached to it.

You never listen to what you build.

Everything that you build all sounds alike.

You can't explain why stuff sounds different.

You don't think about what you build, presumably because we are not professors.

Your posts are too much theory and simulation.

You need to simulate stuff before you rant about it.

You need to be more specific in your explanations.

You explanations are too hard to understand.

Your explanations are wrong.

You don't understand simple circuits.

You can't be capable of working in the electronics field.

You spend too much time reading data sheets.

You don't read them in enough depth.

You worry too much about worst case scenarios.

You have no grasp of what goes on in the real world, just the theoretical one.

You won't listen to theoretical ideas put forth by people who don't have your background.

You have no imagination and creativity, because it was beaten out of you by industry.

Your PCB layouts are too strange.

You have never designed a PCB.

You are spoiled because you work at big companies and get all sorts of free samples.

You work for small outfits, and can do weird stuff because there is no one there to keep you under control.

You don't do any DIY stuff, just commercial.

You are only here to flaunt your experience.

You only seem interested in money.

You complain that others sell stuff.

You don't share anything.

You don't share "your good stuff".

When we do, we are accused of being "know-it-alls", and stifling your learning. Or discussion. Or both.

Or you take our work, and disregard our wishes as to its use.

Maybe this belongs in the "more engineering humor" thread. Except some of us don't find this stuff humorous any longer.

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