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What is all this "Blowtorch" stuff, anyhow?

Well, well, well, well, well....................lookee what we got goin' on here.

At my fave forum: the "Let's kick the crap out of John Curl" thread. Typical, eh?

"So, what is this all about, and why does it have you so stirred up?"

I'm not really stirred up over it. I just find it hard to believe that a thread (that was set up by forum hierarchy), ostensibly so that JC could pass on his knowledge has turned into nothing more than the usual gang (or so) taking the chance to kick him in the teeth at every turn. Mind you, it wasn't his idea to start this thread: it was the forum's. But, the good-natured old fart that he is, he went along with it.

Boy, what a mistake.

Have any of you tried to follow that thread? How much, or how often, does he get to say something useful before someone tries to knock him down a few pegs?

And for what? What the hell did he ever do to you guys to merit this sort of crap?

Ok, he is brusk, and maybe not the most gregarious person around. So what? (I'm not either, so there!) Big deal? You either want to learn what he is willing to teach, or you should just shut the 'eff up.

But, seems that all a certain crowd wants to do is attack him, and in my biased esteem, for no good reason other than to attack him.

Maybe it is like that concept from Joe's Garage, where we find a way to make everyone a criminal. That way, we have everyone, from the President on down to the drunken bum in the street, on the same level. At least in terms of the law. Universal criminality.

Except that we have "universal ignorance" substituted, instead.

Mind you, I use the term "ignorance", as opposed to stupidity. Ignorance implies "Well, you just don't know what the 'eff you are talking about, but if you just shut the 'eff up and listen (and are willing to listen), that you just might learn something."

Actually, "stupidity" works in some cases. Some folks don't care to listen, others think that they don't need to listen, and still others are smart enough to know better while acting like they are not.

So, for those of you who don't have the time or desire to wade through all of the merda, here is a summation, presented for your reading enjoyment. Paraphrased, of course.

And my snide take on things. Which, let's face it.............that is the real reason that you are here!


"Well, since you say that we can't get the parts to build this, then what is the point of this thread? Why are you wasting our time?"

Ever hear the saying "If you give a man a fish, he will eat for one day. Teach him to fish, and he will eat forever." Or something like that. He is trying to teach you how to fish.

Except that some of you want the Seafood Catch of the Day caught for you.

"Well, how are we supposed to learn anything if you won't provide schematics? If we can't build it, then why won't you give it to us?

Just because you can't, doesn't mean that he can't. C'mon, how do you expect him to eat?

Some of you want the Seafood Catch of the Day turned into the Seafood Platter of the Day.

"Well, all we have to go on is your word. We have no proof. We demand proof! Specs, distortion figures, simulations...........etc., blah, blah."

Maybe if you shut up, get off of your butt, and try some of his ideas, you might learn something. Mainly that all the measurements in the world mean nothing about how it will sound. (Measurements are merely a design tool, something that guys like him use to evaluate the design process. The end result is always how it sounds. Measurements can not, and will not, ever do that.)

Some of you not only want the Seafood Platter of the Day, but you want someone to shovel the food into your mouth. What are you going to ask for next: have us chew it for you before we shovel it into your mouth?????

"All this thread has become is just you pounding your chest."

What is that old Buddy Rich saying? "It ain't bragging if you got it.!" He got it, and you don't. So there.

"All this thread has become is name-dropping."

Sorry that some of you have no sense of how the high-end audio industry came about. And don't care. Go read one of the "how does this cap sound?" threads, instead.

Unless, of course, you think that all caps sound alike. In which case.............why are you wasting time with DIY audio? Go buy an iPod.

There are more examples of ignorance from the Peanut Gallery, but why go on? You get the idea.............

Then we have the usual suspects, who see fit to poop on every thread possible, in every forum possible, and talk about the one and only thing that they know anything about. Too bad that they don't know as much about that one thing as they like to think that they do.

Too bad the moderators don't do their job, and save us all from having to read that swill.

Add to that some pompous ass from industry, who has never (to my knowledge) built a commercial amp. He does not believe in a damn thing that The Devil does, and takes every opportunity to remind us of that. This guy has made a career out of reminding us of that. Over, and over, and over again.

Hey, pay, give it a friggin' rest, will ya'. You have plenty of threads already dedicated to your brilliance, so stay over there and shut the 'eff up. I'm sorry that someone outside of Bell Labs came up with the concepts of TIM, SID, PIM, and all the other stuff that you claim that you don't believe in (but will measure for a price!), but that's tough.

And just because that you say that you have test sets that will measure it, we only have your word that it really measures what you say that it will. You don't believe in any of this, so why should we take you at your word that your gear actually does work the way that you say that it will? And that the results are valid? We don't. And in light of your almost 30-year long campaign to prove otherwise (founded it seems in petty personal attacks), I'm sure that the reasonable guy that you are that you can understand why some of us just might be a tad skeptical. In any case, just shut up.

Now we come to the part that I really don't get.............

Some guy, don't know who he is, don't know what he is, and I barely know where he is.............comes up with a series of simulations that are.............I dunno.............designed to make The Devil's concepts more accessible to the average schmuck.............and guess what...............they give him the same treatment!!!!

HUH???????? WHAT????????????

C'mon, the guy takes up his time, and goes to the effort of trying to put some of The Devil's concepts in a form that you learn from, and you savage him??? You nitpick everything from the models that he uses to actual circuits that he is trying to explain.

Yeah, I think that a lot of you people actually want us to chew that Seafood Platter of the Day for you. Except that I think that we should barf it up at you, and let you lick it up yourself. Because reading that thread really does make me want to barf.

"Dogs..........Pigs.........and Sheep. 'Animals', by Pink Floyd. The evidence is all around you."

Update: Aug. 29, 2008

Well, there seems to be an ongoing food fight about some guy who made some preamp that supposedly looks a lot like what people think the Blowtorch really is. Well, I dunno. It is possible that he gleaned enough info from that thread to come up with something that many of us think the BT really is. Maybe. What irks many of us is that he did not give credit where credit is due.

Well, different cultures have different ideas on that. In any case, I am going to let all of you decide what to think. I do know John Curl, and while I think that I may have exchanged e-mail with the "other guy" a few times, I can honestly say that I do not know him. And that I know very little about him.

Having said all of that, I have decided to provide a link to his site. Not because I want to flame the fires of discontent (I wouldn't do that, would I?), but to highlight some really funny stuff there.

Get this:

He used to be Mod at The Pub. But it seems that he did not get along with the rest of the Mods, so they booted him! Plus, he claims that his profile was never changed to "Banned". Instead, they just made an announcement, claiming how dangerous he is and why he had to go.

Does this sound familiar to any of you??????????? Gee, I dunno.............why would it (he asks between clenched teeth) sound familiar?

Well, think what you may about him. But I can relate to some of his experiences.

So, here is the link:

Blowtorch Clone?

Actually, the best part of his diatribe is in the "P.S." section. Yeah, ironic, isn't it? Seems that no matter which way you turn, folks who don't like John Curl can find ways to belittle his stance. So, while I may take exception to some things that he has said or done, he has managed to strike a nerve with that one.

As John would say (and in fact, did): Level 3!

Yeah, go ahead and call me a bitter old fart unemployed engineer (I am, so it is not slander!), but all of you operate a lot closer to Level 3 than you care to admit.

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